Web Programming Tendencies 2014

When anybody starts in the world of programming, there are many roads you can take. You could be tempted for web programming under the front-end umbrella or you could go to the back-end. The programming language you choose could take you to a server only environment or to a desktop one. It could be oriented towards networking or just simply for single PCs. This roads could end up on multiple architectures or only apply to one. There are many possibilities and combinations. In this post we will talk about web technologies and the tendencies we find today, which help orienting programmers in their need to know which languages are more common, more used, with the fastest growth and with the best chances to land a job.

How to setup a VirtualBox Ubuntu Server (Headless Mode)


This quick guide is to provide some help in setting up a Headless (No GUI) VirtualBox instance for Ubuntu Server. I will be using the Ubuntu 14.04.1 that came out today. I will assume you have installed VirtualBox already on your server/host/PC. If not go to VirtualBox Linux Downloads and do it. After installing it we can continue…

This guide is very straightforward, using mostly the VBoxManage command, so without further ado:

Working from Home: A StackExchange Story

Why we believe in letting people work full-time from home

#1: It lets you hire good people who can’t move. Hiring remotely opens you up to an enormous pool of people who can’t move. I can’t stress this enough: for every one person who is in your location or is happy to move there, there are 100 more who are not. They’re tied down by a spouse with a job, a kid in school, a visa they can’t get, or a mortgage they can’t get out of. If you’re hiring for technical positions, hiring remotely is the best-kept, blindingly obvious secret for finding people. By hiring remotely, we have been able to fill our team with awesome people with lots of experience, who were stuck in happily living in places like Corvallis, Oregon or Forest of Dean, UK (Seriously, look it up. It’s basically The Shire.)

Ubuntu: Opening Access for Everyone

Most of us still remember when this new kid appeared on the block. Ubuntu it’s name was and ease of use was it’s game. Back in 2005 was my first time using it and it sure was easier (And browner) than most distros at that time. We return to 2014 and we find out this kid has been making headlines.

Como Instalar, Configurar y Administrar WINE en Ubuntu

Guia completa y extensa de como instalar, configurar y administrar WINE en Ubuntu, incluyendo debugging de problemas comunes, soluciones a tipicas dudas y acceso a numerosas fuentes de informacion que incluyen tips y trucos para asegurar una mejor experiencia al usar WINE

Deben ver el video en 1080p ya que fue hecho con 1920×1080. Por otro lado el Audio (O sea mi voz) esta algo rara. Al menos yo me escucho como si estuviese en el background a 10 metros. En el video original se escucha mejor, lo malo es que el original son 900MB O.o

The IT Pyramid

Ever wondered how IT positions are related. How much time you need to learn the basics of a particular job position or what you actually need to know for that position. The IT Pyramid helps you find what you need to know to either be able to achieve a better position or go up the ladder to a better knowledgeable one. It shows an estimate of how much time you need to achieve a certain position or goal and on what this position is based on. The final goal of the IT Pyramid is to teach non-IT users how the actual IT world works, relates and is based on. The fuel that powers this hierarchy is the knowledge the IT user has on many particular subjects and how well they can be applied in real life by saving time, costs and optimizing resources.

Ubuntu for End Users

I have written this book about how to install, configure and use Ubuntu… for end users. Right now I am working on a revision for it that will include about 150 more pages that talk about Bash and other sections of Ubuntu. You can download the book from the following link below:

The current book includes: