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Feel Secure & Manage your time better by having a professional group of partners taking care of the IT side of business. From tech issues, fixes & maintenance of your site, to customization work and providing new widgets, ideas and enhancements on your online business. You also join a private VIP group of business owners that share their experiences and help each other to help build your business site.

All Brilliant Directories Partnerships include: CSS, Javascript, PHP & MySQL Fixes, Feature Updates, Database Fixes (eg: 301, 404, Wrong Symbols, Wrong Data Type, etc..), SEO Maintenance, Form Fixes (eg: Form not saving or sending information, or frozen), Theme Fixes (eg: Font Color, Font Type, Positioning, Wrong Priority Levels), Code Optimization (Speed up queries), Permission Fixes, Sitemap Fixes, Member & Category Fixes, URL Fixes, Membership Level Fixes, All Custom Widgets and about 50+ other common issues.

Professional Partner

  • Covers 1 Site
  • 12 Month Plan (Minimum)
  • For Online Businesses & Professionals
  • No Expensive Hourly Rates
  • Free Live Meetings
  • Free Customization Work
  • All Current & Future Widgets Are Free
  • Spam Manager
  • Backup Manager
  • SEO Optimization
  • Join our Telegram VIP Group
  • Join our OED Project
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$595 - Month

Master Partner

  • Covers 4 Sites
  • 12 Month Plan (Minimum)
  • For Online Businesses & Professionals
  • No Expensive Hourly Rates
  • Free Live Meetings
  • All Custom Projects Are Free
  • All Services Are Free
  • All Current & Future Widgets Are Free
  • Includes All Professional Partner Features
  • Includes 3rd Party Integration
  • Join our Telegram VIP Group
  • Join our OED Project
  • Develop your Own Widgets & API Solutions
  • Member Management System
  • Enhanced Import / Export Process
  • Image Optimizer (SEO)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Enhanced Cropping Tool
  • Dynamic Payment System
  • Free SSL Setup
  • Free Google Services Setup
$1150 - Month

SEO Optimization

  • Test this web page or yours on:
    GTMETRIX, Insights or WebPageTest
  • Get a PageSpeed Score of 85+
  • Optimize Images & Properties
  • Optimize & Minify HTML, CSS & JS
  • Avoid Landing Page Redirects
  • Defer/Async JavaScript
  • Enable GZIP Compression & Keep-Alive
  • Minimize Redirects & Request Size
  • Consistent/Async URL Resources
  • Meta Tag & Expire Tag Optimization
  • Specify Character Set & Cache Validator
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Avoid HTTP Invalid Requests
  • Prefetch CSS and JavaScript
  • Render Dinamic CSS & JavaScript
  • Deflate Code
  • Inline Needed CSS & JavaScript
  • Load Javascript when Required
  • Load CSS when Called
  • Image Scaling
  • Database Optimization
  • Duplicate Element Removal
  • Meta Tag Cleaning
  • Widget Dupe Cleaning
$1,650 / Optimization


Bring Enhancements to your Site & Members with our Powerful Widgets, including the security and support from a true tech partner in online business.
Widgets Purchased are Cover by our 12 Months Plan

Or Get All Premium Widgets for $380 / Month (PayPal)


Some of our clients

Autos De Tiquicia
Automobile, People, Connection
Best Divorce Attorney
Divorce, Attorney, Lawyer
Best Wedding Oregon
Wedding, Bridal, Event
Board Certified
Medicine, People, Connection
Brazoria County Local
Business, Local, Connection
Car People Network
Automobile, People, Social
Catholic Directory
Religion, Catholic, World
Child Care Connector
Children, Care, Social
Childcare IE
Education, Children, Social
Connect Me Chiro
Medicine, People, Social
Dominican Hair Care
Social, People, Look
Drone Pilots 4 U
Business, Technology, Drone
Medicine, Referral, Eating
Business, Consulting, Agency
Equine Trader
Business, Animal, People
Equipment Financing Companies
Business, Properties, People
Equipment For Sale
Business, Product, Connection
Fauquier 411
Local, Business, Connection
Find A Brother
Business, Networking, People
Florida Roofing Network
Florida, Local, Roofing
Funeral Match
Funeral, People, Social
Go Kelowna
Kelowna, Local, Tourism
Heating Cooling
Maintenance, Cooling, Repair
Holistic Doctors 247
Medicine, Social, Connection
Real Estate, Agents, Properties
Hormone Wizard
Medicine, Hormone, People
Just Great Lawyers
People, Business, Lawyers
Key Venue Contacts
Business, Local, Connection
Lions Roar
Religion, Buddhist, Local
Look Local WA
Business, People, Local
Marketplace 4 Homes
Business, Properties, Local
Momentum Market
Business, Women, Social
Moving Pros
Business, Moving, People
Moving Service Directory
Business, Moving, People
Munaluchi Bridal
Wedding, Bridal, Social
My Freight Hub
Freight, Connection, People
My One Directory
Business, Directory, People
NBT Mentors
Education, Business, Connection
NJ Wedding
Wedding, Event, Social
OEM Parts & Accessories
Automobile, Products, Business
Oilfields Best Directory
Business, People, Connection
Old Market
Business, Local, People
Pet Loss Directory
Pet, Social, People
Pizza TV
Business, People, Connection
ProPage Direct
Business, Local, People
Local, Business, Event
Public Infrastructure
Business, Connection, People
Pure Local
Local, Business, Event
Quantum Healing Practitioners
Medicine, Connection, World
RV Rental Connection
Business, Automobile, People
Real Estate Pros
Real Estate, Business, Connection
Repair Near Me
Business, Local, People
Republic Of Green
Nature, Local, People
Retirement Living SourceBook
Connection, Business, Properties
Business, Local, People
Service Near By
Business, Local, People
Success Center
Social, People, Connection
Tax Professionals
Business, Lawyer, People
The Great British Wedding Directory
Wedding, Bridal, Event
The Pet Scene
Pet, Social, Connection
The Stage
Event, Music, Social
The Wedding Pages
Wedding, Bridal, Event
Think Learning
Education, Business, World
Totally Awesome Roofers
Business, Roofing, Local
Social, People, Connection
USAFA Network
Business, Local, Connection
Virgin Island Connections
Social, People, Connection
Business, Social, People
Wanted Contractors
Business, People, Connection
Women Speakers
Business, Women, Religion
Medicine, Business, People
Your Storage Finder
Business, Storage, Properties

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