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Feel Secure & Manage your time better by having a professional partner taking care of the IT side of business. From tech issues, fixes & maintenance of your site, to removing all the worries about how to manage your online business and giving you insight into ideas that can promote and better assist your members, making sure that you are free to work with your clients directly.

Professional Partner

  • Covers 3 Sites
  • For Online Businesses & Professionals
  • Live Meetings
  • Site Optimization
    Cache Cleaning
    301 Fixes
    404 Fixes
    Multiple Sitemap Fixes
    Permission Fixes
    Redirect Issues
    False 404 Pages
    Uploading Issues
    Database Optimization
    Code Optimization (When Needed)
    Code Cleaning (When Needed)
    Daily Site Monitoring & Assistance
    SEO Maintenance
    Database Maintenance
    File/Cache Maintenance
    Security Analysis & Post-Fix
  • Site Custom Work
    Medium Customization Work (HTML,
    CSS, Javascript, PHP & MySQL)
    Javascript Library Fixes/Updates
    Updating Site (Widgets, Features, Forms,
    Sidebars, Menu, Member, Categories, etc..)
    Member, Membership, Feature & Design Configuration
    Form Updating
    Variable Updating (Widgets, Forms & Features)
  • Site Consulting
    Import/Export Process
    (Including Custom Fields)
    Member & Membership Best Practices
    Feature Configuration & Usage
    Site Settings & Design
    Form, Sidebar, Feature, Widget Editing
  • Backup Solutions
    FREE For All 3 Sites
    Backup/Restore Solution
    (Including Members, Posts, Features, Forms, Site Settings & Custom Widgets)
    Schedules Daily, Weekly & Monthly Backups
    Automatically Backed Up to your Email Address
    Select which Parts to Backup
    Unlimited Backups
    Avoid Loosing Important Information When Restoring
$480 - Month

SEO Optimization

  • Test this web page or yours on:
    GTMETRIX, Insights or WebPageTest
  • Get a PageSpeed Score of 85+
  • Optimize Images & Properties
  • Optimize & Minify HTML, CSS & JS
  • Avoid Landing Page Redirects
  • Defer/Async JavaScript
  • Enable GZIP Compression & Keep-Alive
  • Minimize Redirects & Request Size
  • Consistent/Async URL Resources
  • Meta Tag & Expire Tag Optimization
  • Specify Character Set & Cache Validator
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Avoid HTTP Invalid Requests
  • Prefetch CSS and JavaScript
  • Render Dinamic CSS & JavaScript
  • Deflate Code
  • Inline Needed CSS & JavaScript
  • Load Javascript when Required
  • Load CSS when Called
  • Image Scaling
  • Database Optimization
  • Duplicate Element Removal
  • Meta Tag Cleaning
  • Widget Dupe Cleaning
$1,650 / Optimization

Site QA & Consulting

  • SSL Installation Guide
  • Google Service Configuration
  • Site Debugging
  • Geocoding Setup
  • Google API Setup & Testing
  • Site Configuration & QA
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Email Campaign
  • Social Campaign
  • Sign-Up Strategies
  • Pro-Active Site Owner Services
  • Pricing & Features
  • White Hat (Organic) SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Member Import & Export
  • Data Mining
  • Site UI/UX
  • 3rd Party Data Integration
  • 3rd Party Payment Gateways
  • API Creation (REST, JSON, URL, Events)
  • Code Optimization
  • Design & Feature Customization
  • Widget/Functionality Customization
  • Data Relation & Security
  • CRM Integration
$280 / Session


Bring Enhancements to your Site & Members with our Powerful Widgets, including the security and support from a true tech partner in online business.
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